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[ES] Rooster

Sun, 27 Jul 14, 13:26 EDT
No worries! Go for it.

[ES] Mindflayer

Sat, 26 Jul 14, 23:36 EDT
Rooster, you good with us reloading the Minecraft server?

[ES] Rooster

Thu, 10 Apr 14, 08:21 EDT
Check your PM's 'Flayer!

[ES] Mindflayer

Tue, 01 Apr 14, 17:19 EDT
Anyone else want to write stuff for http://www.wwzrt.com ?

[ES] Mindflayer

Sat, 08 Feb 14, 16:05 EST

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This weekend, the TeamSpeak server will temporarily be moved to home.extremesims.com due to a power maintenance event where the current server is hosted. I will not be around this weekend to make the move, so I will punch the firewall holes and have the alternate up and running this evening (Tuesday

Power to the building in which the box hosting the TeamSpeak server lives will be shutdown on JUNE 29, 2014 for 12 hours. I am either 1) going to move it, or 2) just have no TeamSpeak for 12 hours. Probably the former, which does mean changing your bookmarks. I'll keep you guys apprised here an

Happy birthday to RH!

Now that the zombies are no longer mainstream, we true zombie apocalypse survivalist can get back to business. Check out wwzrt.com where Rooster and I have been posting stuff to help you survive! Feel free to contribute as well!

After 8 years of being on the same server box, I have moved the site to a new virtual instance today.

Please let me know if you see any issues.

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