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[ES] Mindflayer

Thu, 04 Jun 15, 23:23 EDT

[ES] Rooster

Fri, 29 May 15, 13:17 EDT
Almost 8 for me! Long time no talkee Takkee!

[ES] Takkee

Thu, 28 May 15, 14:11 EDT
I registered with this forum 10 years ago...crazy

[ES] Takkee

Thu, 28 May 15, 14:07 EDT
Hey guys...f***ing long time  :)

[ES] Mindflayer

Thu, 19 Feb 15, 16:32 EST
Pew pew pew!

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Greetings Mindflayer,

Congratulations, you’ve been selected to join the StarCraft® II: Legacy of the Voidest! Legacy of the Void is the epic conclusion of the StarCraft II saga focused on the technologically advanced Protoss and their fight to save the galaxy from oblivion.


And I can not lie.

Christian or not, I wish you the message of Christmas:

Hope is born eternal. May peace and brotherhood light your way.

Merry Christmas.

Overwatch is the new FPS from Blizzard and their first new IP in a long time. Looks AMAZEBALLS.


There will be a power outage for the server on which the TeamSpeak server runs over the weekend, and Sara and I will be out of town. I have already spun up a TeamSpeak server on home.extremesims.com for you guys to use over the weekend.
Please use the optibox.mindflayer.net TS3 server when it

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