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[ES] Mindflayer

Tue, 02 Sep 14, 10:41 EDT
Big avatars fixed!

[ES] Mindflayer

Mon, 01 Sep 14, 20:28 EDT
BIG AVATARS. I'll fix it.

[ES] Rooster

Sun, 27 Jul 14, 13:26 EDT
No worries! Go for it.

[ES] Mindflayer

Sat, 26 Jul 14, 23:36 EDT
Rooster, you good with us reloading the Minecraft server?

[ES] Rooster

Thu, 10 Apr 14, 08:21 EDT
Check your PM's 'Flayer!

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Wed, 26 Nov 14, 01:03 EST

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Overwatch is the new FPS from Blizzard and their first new IP in a long time. Looks AMAZEBALLS.


There will be a power outage for the server on which the TeamSpeak server runs over the weekend, and Sara and I will be out of town. I have already spun up a TeamSpeak server on home.extremesims.com for you guys to use over the weekend.
Please use the optibox.mindflayer.net TS3 server when it

With the launch of Destiny, I have created Clan [ES] on Bungie.net:


We had an odd technical issue with the web site last week. Finally found the last bug. You may need to log in again, but everything appears to be corrected now.

This weekend, the TeamSpeak server will temporarily be moved to home.extremesims.com due to a power maintenance event where the current server is hosted. I will not be around this weekend to make the move, so I will punch the firewall holes and have the alternate up and running this evening (Tuesday

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